All that is lovely about the Scandinavian lifestyle and nature is captured in Bo Bendixen’s happy and colorful design universe. Bo Bendixen’s strength is the ability to create a precise and characteristics expression that is completely unique.


In 1973, after completing his studies on the Graphical School in Denmark and the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Bo Bendixen started his own studio, which celebrated 50 year anniversary in 2023.

1982 was the year Bo Bendixen opened his first gallery and later more came to.


1991 was the year for Bo Bendixen’s international breakthrough, when he started a cooperation with Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, Japan, as well as working as chief designer for the Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun.


In 2024, Anne Dorthe Hjort took over the rains from Bo Bendixen and set a focus on sustainability and further strengthening the portfolio of quality products, with Bo Bendixen’s timeless and fantastic designs, all with a focus on making a difference in the world.


Our goal remains the same: To convey a positive and happy message, and to put you in a good mood.


Today Bo Bendixen ApS is an international company with offices in Aarhus, but with galleries located in Blåvand, Skagen, Lønstrup, Ebeltoft, Ribe and Bornholm, along with a range of distributors both domestic and abroad.

Our values are: Honesty, decency and to work with both high morals and in good mod.